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To be honest, this is something I would only recommend once you have some knowledge of website design, or it could cost you dear. These days, there are literally thousands of available plugins available – some free and some for a reasonable cost.

To be honest, this is something I would only recommend once you have some knowledge of website design, or it could cost you dear. These days, there are literally thousands of available plugins available – some free and some for a reasonable cost. These days, many people are browsing the web – and your blog – using their cell phones. It updates the content automatically onto the site and web pages. This may be a slower method, however, many like creating web pages in this way. Title tags are used in the head section of a web page to communicate your page title better to both search engines and visitors. Headspace SEO – Search Engine Optimization is always necessary for a blog, and always annoying to have to mess with! We are well aware of the fact that online users are now using mobile devices to browse internet and they have preferred it so much so that the it has surpassed the popularity of desktop computers. After the launch of this algorithm there were several websites that have suffered serious repercussions of not making their websites mobile friendly. If you have multiple security plugins (or any other plugins with same purpose) feel free to get rid to one of them.

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Unable to install theme recommended plugins on Multisite ... Fortunately, it’s the same one you used for Akismet. It seems as though they’ve made some visual, textual, and service improvements since one of their reviews from 2013, but opinions vary. Pingdom offers both a free and a paid service. Each also offers different metrics which can be used to analyze the webpage. Each and every file needed for a webpage to perform the function such as HTML, CSS, images, JavaScript, and fonts require a separate HTTP request. If you have a preliminary knowledge about both PHP and HTML, you can replace a few instances of PHP in your site’s code (in themes or plugins) with plain HTML. For example, if you have two sliders on your site, our recommendation is to use only one of them and get rid of the other. So, when you talk about page optimisation, your page speed is also one of the things that you should be working on. Always consider the things that your target customers want from the website and ensure that those things are easily accessible. Before you jump start, there are a few things that you need to learn like- PHP, CSS 3, HTML 5, and JavaScript to work brilliantly with WordPress.

Additional developer hours are also available.

Thus, you need to combine them all into a single file to cut down the number of HTML requests and speed up the loading time. Plugins are just bits of code that provide some specific functionality to your blog – all without you having to touch a single piece of that code yourself! Database and code optimization for wordpress web portals. The “guts” of the framework are simple, with no superfluous features that will prevent you from achieving your optimum web speed. I will boost your website within 24 hours. If you have a decent-sized website, for example 300 indexed pages, it’d easily take you 2 hours to check and fix all broken links. Additional developer hours are also available. There are lots of WordPress hosting options out there and Bluehost is one worth considering. One of the best thing is that though the theme is quite simple but offers a robust web design which is quite flexible and can be used to create all sorts of WordPress site using its child theme.

Though the theme supports a minimalistic design but the design is quite modern that helps to easily grab the attention of the viewers’. This modern theme offers effective functions that are on the WordPress layout – which comprises of horizontal masthead and includes an optional sidebar placed on the right side. It’s pretty obvious that this popular plugin has a high level of compatibility and it’s something worthy of your consideration when choosing a theme or framework. All you need to do with this plugin is to activate it. This plugin aims at providing a backup strategy to meet the need for a solid WordPress backup solution. Unfortunately, so many blog owners fail to backup often enough. This list will provide you with must install WordPress plugins that I often use every time I setup new blog with with WordPress platform. It will also tell you your most popular posts along with the sources of your traffic. For example, the Live Traffic option in Wordfence can make your site slower.

If we choose a design non-adaptive (non-responsive), it is likely that the traffic from these devices will stay and navigate less by our site. Know while you may create the website totally free, this does not mean the whole procedure will be free. However, it requires the developers to engineer the WordPress website brilliantly, which demands them to have hardcore knowledge of development, be experienced in the development and follow the right procedure. We have got it covered. Example: You have updated your post more than 10 times and each revision not necessary need future. For example, let’s say you need a 300×300 pixel image, but instead, you upload a 3000×3000 pixel image and make your WordPress theme shrink the image to display properly. If you only require a basic framework, then the default WordPress theme (TwentyFifteen) should do an excellent job at bringing your WordPress speed up. A cache plugin makes a copy of the page after the first load and then serves that cached version to every subsequent user instead of going through the whole page generation process every time.