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There’s a plugin (or twelve) to solve most any challenge you might face with WordPress, typically ranging from simple but limited free options all the way to advanced, developer-focused premium solutions in the hundreds.

There’s a plugin (or twelve) to solve most any challenge you might face with WordPress, typically ranging from simple but limited free options all the way to advanced, developer-focused premium solutions in the hundreds. Or, they can fix a longer term problem such as how to scale a business — often solved through three, six or twelve month program. An excellent choice for small business owners who have never blogged before, third-party websites make it easy to dip your toes into the blogging world. Perfect for bloggers or online newbies who don’t yet have a fully fledged website or tech stack in place, an all-in-one platform makes things ridiculously easy. It is one of the many reasons why images could be behind the slow load times you’ve been experiencing on your website. As one of the factors in determining your site rankings, Google places importance on page load times. As we write, the benchmarking site CDNPerf ranks Cloudflare at sixth place for worldwide HTTP request response times out of a field of 20 top CDNs. For example, there’s diverse support for different types of video caching, and tons of low-level controls for those who want to get stuck into the likes of manipulating HTTP headers to customize how content is served.

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Yet, for a blogger who is serious about monetizing, it’s a road worth considering. But for those who need this level of flexibility and configurability, it’s priceless to have. It’s also a good idea to uninstall them completely unless you are simply waiting for an updated version before re-enabling them. A couple of simple tweaks let you deliver a different version of your site to different visitors. One of the most famous theme designers, WooThemes, are presently working with WordPress on their version 3.0, and as such, they work habitually to be sure that all their themes have compatibility with all versions of WordPress. I started looking at every WordPress theme demo in a new way. Site set up like the demo is good idea when you want to save time. Minification essentially goes through your scripts are removes extraneous data like comments, formatting, whitespace and other things that computers don’t need to read. Whether visitors will be prepared to share content they haven’t read yet (and leave instead) is up to how you use the plugin, so give it some thought before diving in.

Once you get WordPress stats working, it will start collecting data on your page views, the popular and unpopular posts, where your traffic is coming from, and what they decide to click on to leave your blog. Certain data is stored on the CDN servers in addition to your hosting company’s data center. Your data should be locked and secure, using sucuri plugin WordPress website can be made secure and authentic. Third party WordPress themes and old themes are causing a lot of damages to a website loading time. Go to Pingdom and type in your domain name in order to find your own website page load time. 12. Look at for broken links to images on your website. Look through all these sites and you’ll find very high quality images to accompany your articles. Natal charts and astrological weather seem to be high value in this magical niche. We’ve been able to watch the magazine theme niche grow in popularity over the years, see (and influence) a wave of easy-to-use themes and see how customers’ demands have evolved. What percentage of theme buyers buy a theme and only after hours of struggle realize that they need photography and copy above all else?

If you notice any of the above symptoms on your website, install one of the following malware scanner plugins. That’s it. The results are in, and our tests point to WP Rocket, Comet Cache, and WP Super Cache as the fastest WordPress caching plugins. Try to implement these strategies as you explore more from your results. I try to implement in my site. • If your audience make suggestions, acknowledge the input and respond live on the site. That way, you can make changes and solve doubts both on real time. 100K, but it’s pretty safe to say it’s doing well given the length of time it’s been around. Site is a powerful plugin which makes doing all this straightforward. See, even mind-maps work as membership site content. Yes, even a Cave Man can get to the top of Google without extensive experience or expensive investments! When you block Google fonts, browsers will use fallback fonts defined in site’s CSS or use default font of the browser.

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Exporting straight to PDF from Word or Google Docs is fine, but something which matches your site’s branding is even better. The free plan is generous, but you’ll need to pay to remove branding. It’s easiest to offer your content upgrade as a PDF, so you’ll need to create one of these. It’s not complicated: just head to Appearance → Widgets and start playing around with the number of posts you’re displaying, the categories you’re showing and which widget you’re using where. Add Jetpack’s Custom CSS module and head to Appearance → Edit CSS and you can add a couple of lines to make your site look great. Sometimes a single plugin can make all the difference in pageload time because it loads too many scripts. Decreasing your website’s load time by 1 second could earn you an easy 7% increase in profits. 5. Easily run AB tests for EACH ad placement, to increase RPM. Just displaying buttons that readers can click to tweet to their favourite social networks will vastly increase the number of shares a piece of content receives. IMHO, the number one SEO tool for WordPress.

But, WordPress users have the benefit of amazing plugins such as All in One SEO Pack and Yoast SEO that can help in terms of SEO. You’ll also benefit from a host of extras such as payment systems and course builders plus marketing and email automation options as well. Teachable — With just a few clicks, you’ll get a fully functioning school with learning management, payment gateways, and sales and marketing tools. Simplero — Action packed ALL in one for your website, membership site, email and business management, CRM, hosting, payments, marketing — everything you’ll need to be online in one place. In the article, top 5 web analytics tools have been discussed in terms of their usage in digital marketing. With the tools and tactics we’ve discussed here you’ll be well on your way to showing more engaging content to readers – and getting that content in front of more people. If you want to create a multi-author publishing platform, you’ll be better off with WordPress. Content personalisation is a really powerful way of better engaging your readers. This isn’t going to work for every site or every post but where it is appropriate, it’s a great way of adding personality and avoiding illustrating your posts with the same photos your competitors are using.