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You can also use this to clear spams and comment queues with just a few clicks. I use MaxCDN on TechTage and a few other websites, and all I can say is that I’m a big fan of it.

Liberate your control freaks You can also use this to clear spams and comment queues with just a few clicks. I use MaxCDN on TechTage and a few other websites, and all I can say is that I’m a big fan of it. You can utilize a tool like Imagify, which also has a WordPress plugin. Google analytics should be on every page if the user would like to be able to view what’s happening within their website, things like referrals and traffic. The reasons for exporting this information can include that you want to make a backup file of your website, or you may find that you have to transfer your files from one hosting account to another. It is even possible to create your own theme, and have that uploaded to the server, or computer that hosts your site. 14. After installing the theme, I will learn to do the necessary configurations to enhance my site look. Next, I found an AMAZING mobile friendly theme, that was part of a plugin that I already used. Most people have optimized their website in one way or another, but have you ever done anything particularly for your mobile visitors?

WordPress Performance Optimization

Having just built a brand new site, I thought I’d share my favourite plugins that I have personally installed and am currently using on my main website. In most cases, the hardest part is actually having the courage to just go ahead, and do it. Did you get a chance to read part 1 of my previous article about the Top WordPress Plugins for Internet Marketers? If you can get your website to show in the top 5 on page 1, or even better No.1 on page 1, your website will be well visited if you’ve chosen the right keywords – more on this later. You are in a better position if you have done the above analysis as you can prepare a specific Requirement Specification Document. WP Sweep is better than WP Optimize according to my experience. I prefer programmers from Eastern Europe over Asia, due to poor personal experience.

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There are just too many good options out there, it’s easier to click over to a different website than wait. Click on the preview and it will open the option to set a page title, enter the appropriate page title here (don’t forget to include your keywords) and make sure to save changes before leaving the edit page section. You can use a premium plugin like Perfmatters which has an easy one-click option to remove query strings. Permalinks. The best option to have is just the post name. If you have an HTML site then you will need to place a call on external JavaScript file just before the tag. This is a text file you can edit using a text editor. Also, this allows me to modify theme code inside WP Theme Editor, instead on using text editor and upload via FTP. But also, you can optimise WordPress with a simple plug in so that Google search engines will find it easily.

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Also, be sure to keep your image slider plugin updated for the fastest WordPress slider speed. Just look at the image on the left. So remember, look out for high-performance servers that will assist in the performance of your site (since its speed also depends on the server that hosts your website). The result, your website loads slower due to many calls to your server or database. And if you’re relying on free plugins, that update due date could be: never. Another HUGE problem with Minileven is that EVERY time you update JetPack plugin, theme files get overwritten / reset. One of the main reasons WordPress is so popular, is the ease with which you can build and update your website or blog, so that it plays nicely with others without you needing a lot of technical “know how”. PS – I use the free version of the plugin, since I do a lot of custom coding myself. Several premade layouts are available each time you create a new page but you can also create a completely custom layout from scratch.

A templates and custom elements are at your disposal to make each page your own. We all love WordPress plugins and make use of them all the time. The thing I did not state is that most of the internet time on a device is spent on mobile apps. I already mentioned that mobile internet usage had surpassed the desktop. My AdSense WP theme automatically detects a mobile visitor, and shows the appropriate Mobile Friendly ad, instead of a desktop ad (here I mead Ad Size). According to Google reports, there are more than 27.8 billion queries made on mobile than the desktop. I first got concerned about being mobile friendly about 4 years ago after reading a slideshare presentation on responsive / mobile optimized website design. Whilst WordPress is not the only web management and design system available, it is widely known for its relative ease of use, and is able to be learned quite intuitively.