wordpress theme optimization A Post By Jonna Fairley

For instance, if you type in “WordPress”, YouTube will generate several top keywords with the word “WordPress” in it. For instance, your average blog post can grow in size 3-10x as soon as you add just one image to it.

For instance, if you type in “WordPress”, YouTube will generate several top keywords with the word “WordPress” in it. For instance, your average blog post can grow in size 3-10x as soon as you add just one image to it. One of the best things about this tool is that it also includes long keywords in the search suggestions. Seeing these trends, it is safe to assume that the structure of the search and search using keywords could disappear. In web development speak, you’ll need a CMS (Content Management System) to give your site structure. Unless you’re doing everything yourself, you’ll have to pay for quality web design, data integrations, custom functionality, content management tools, user management tools, syndication tools, commenting system, media management tools, and web hosting. PirateForms allows for multiple forms and custom fields. The PirateForms plugin can integrate with MailChimp. Now yours can too. You should now have a nice slimline wp-options table.

  • Use the best caching plugin such as W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache
  • My City
  • High Visual Hierchy / Contrast for easier to read
  • Website content must be unique and worth something to the website visitor

Sure, we’re talking about some basic principles, which can be easily implemented into a WordPress website, using some really nice plugins. Right out of the box, WordPress is ready to play nice with search engines. Ready to have your mind blown? That’s a great starting point and helps to reduce the overall price tag you’ll have to pay for any custom design or integration. The templates and overall designs are far more unique than what you’ll find with other plugins. Overall, you’re getting more creative, customizable templates and designs with the FormCraft plugin. However, it’s a powerful WordPress contact form plugin with far more beautiful designs than you get in any of the plugins talked about so far. However, if you want to get to the end game of WordPress performance optimization, you need to do a bunch more, and here is an article, a golden oldie, that I recommend to get you there. However, as none of the ‘all-in-one’ plugins do a better job than the specialist plugins, we’ll skip over these. You don’t have to fork over too much money.

All of the forms you create are responsive for viewing on mobile devices.

The book is easy to understand, follow and implement, so much so I was able to achieve Google Page Rank with one of my own blogs in a very short amount of time. Since December 2017, the Google search engine has started ranking also based on mobile versions of pages, even for desktop searches. You can even fix your site when it has the white screen of death (fatal error). You can run live preview of the forms on mobile and tablet devices without leaving the editing area. All of the forms you create are responsive for viewing on mobile devices. Easily create contact forms, polls and surveys, lead generation forms, email forms, and any other forms you imagine. Lets you see contact form entries in your WordPress dashboard (in the free version). Use conditions to automatically see certain elements when a specific reply is made through your form. This cache makes the site appear faster as those elements do not need to be loaded directly from the website.

The image files that you display on the site can be standard pictures, or the elements of your site’s design, or backgrounds, or whatever else. This would mean that instead of downloading 10 files averaging 20kb, you could download a single 200kb file which is way faster. You can prepare by increasing this number to about 200 using this line in the config file. Try to improve typography by using more readable fonts, large font-size, and plenty of line spacing. Try to divide your article on logic parts. Try to upload your site and check how many seconds it takes to be usable: a faster website certainly makes it easier for readers to read their contents. You can register a free trial account and check all options thoroughly on the backend before you pay any money. Smush optimizes only 50 images at once with a free account. In fact, most of your website’s bandwidth, I mean the amount of data your site sends over to the visitor, is consumed by images.

A human test tool is included to prevent a high amount of spam going through your WordPress contact form. It doesn’t seem to conflict with other plugins or themes, and it’s an extremely lightweight contact form plugin to go with. It doesn’t cost you a fortune, and the add-ons provide features that might be missing in the regular plugin. You’re open to communicating with users, and that might be all it takes to get a sale or a new reader. It might certainly offer the same results, and save you the required time and funds. I know many of the WordPress users just write a post, submit it and put it up on their Social Media thinking it will save the day. No problem. Turn off IP tracking or the setting to save your form submissions, or add a checkbox field to your form to collect consent. You’ll also notice that a contact form can be placed in a different area, like as a slide-in from the left side of the screen.

The No.1 thing that slows down your WordPress website is IMAGES 😉.

The plugin supports the localization of several languages like French, English, German, Italian, and Spanish. Numerous templates are packed into the FormCraft WordPress contact form plugin. Both have solid form designs, expanding beyond the traditional “flat” formats and instead going for some extra flavor. Don’t forget to bookmark the blog to give it some extra weight. WordPress also has a bunch of other SEO -related tools built in, including permalinks, trackbacks, pinging and the blog roll–all designed to provide interactivity with other blogs (and their readers) and make your content accessible to search engines. And by using this feature you can definitely make your website stand out. For several years coming, and particularly since version 3 came out in 2010, WordPress (WP) has emerged the clear leader by a long shot. The No.1 thing that slows down your WordPress website is IMAGES 😉. If there’s just one thing you should do to improve your site speed, it’s optimizing your images. The other thing I’ve found is that it is worth experimenting a bit with your hubs to see what works. I have known about SEO for many years, and have found no other plugin, software, or helpful site enhancer like this.