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Supports reCAPTCHA and custom Captcha. Custom widgets such as Featured category, Most Commented and Recent Comments. No one should have any problems reading your content, since the most recent posts are placed at the top, and it only takes a quick scroll to move onto the next articles.

Supports reCAPTCHA and custom Captcha. Custom widgets such as Featured category, Most Commented and Recent Comments. No one should have any problems reading your content, since the most recent posts are placed at the top, and it only takes a quick scroll to move onto the next articles. Broken links are such links on your site, that does not exist and when visitors click on it, they show a 404 page not found error. You then tell SEOPressor what keyword you are targeting the page at and then save the page or post. To do this, come up with a post that tackles interesting issues that are relevant to you and your readers. Platinum SEO Plug-in – The Platinum SEO Plug-in provides additional functionality such as automatic 301 redirects for permalink changes, auto-generation of META tags, post slug optimization, help to avoiding duplicate content and a host of other features.

WordPress On Page Optimization

It comes with many features. WordPress Permalink Structure comes with 6 different Permalink Structure. But when it comes to WordPress SEO optimization, every little thing helps. This affects both your website ranking and SEO. Spam comments take the extra space on your WordPress hosting, which increases the size of your database and it affects your website loading speed. Also, delete unwanted media and inactive themes that are useless on your site because unwanted media takes extra space on your WordPress site and increase your WordPress database size. Also, visitors spend more time on your site which reduces the bounce rate. Meta Description plays a vital role to increase the Click Through Rate (CTR) for your content. A WordPress menu will come up and you want to click – new installation. And if your title is attractive, they click on your content. The plugin allows you to optimize the meta description and title.

When search engines crawl your content, they first see your Title Tags & Meta Descriptions. Type in “SEO” in plugin search field . Just choose the best image optimization plugin. Here we have listed some of the Best Image Optimizer WordPress Plugins, which you can use on your website. For that reason, it’s best used on PNG and GIF images. Images take a lot of time to load compared to other elements. It not only makes your site to load faster, but can also help your site rank higher in the search results. Give the photo a name that includes a search term and keywords that are relevant to your website. The main reason more than half of the searches are done by mobile. Rebecca goes into further detail of steps you can take with or without AMP to get your mobile pages loading faster and ready for July’s speed update.

  • 1 WordPress SEO by Yoast
  • Powerful admin interface
  • A 1 second delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversions
  • The navigation structure is good and uses clear drop-down menus

That’s why Google gives better rank to mobile-optimized sites to improve Mobile User Experience. This means you have to put some thought and logic into crafting your homepage, so it’s user and SEO friendly. It gives a friendly impression on the viewer and also represents authenticity of the owner. Having a title and tagline that focus on your purpose and brand gives you an advantage over other sites competing for the same audience’s attention. You can use MaxCDN and CloudFlare on your site to get the advantage of CDN service. Even though those techniques can be used when programming back-end tools or form submissions from the front-end, they should be avoided if it is not strictly necessary. The Contact Form 7 plugin loads itself on every page and post. Major companies (The Associated Press and Forbes) are using the Wordsmith and Quill tools to form news content and edit content prior to publication. Social share buttons are very important for any site or blog.

WordPress Admin Dashboard Very Slow

By integrating the social sharing buttons, you can allow visitors to quickly share your blog posts on social media sites. You can control the length of time content is stored on the user’s computer from your server control panel. WordPress uses PHP to run a website which makes more load on the server. Google Search uses breadcrumb markup in the body of a web page to categorize the information from the page in search results. WordPress uses databases to store information. In addition, all that information and content is a perfect tool for drawing potential customers to your products and services. As a newcomer, this information will be quite useful; I am voting up and sharing. Upon purchasing Scalia, users will gain access to several distinct, built-in designs. As well as the visitor will feel uncomfortable on your site. I personally feel right now the best way to start is to become an affiliate for the Google Adsense affiliate program. But the best is Yoast SEO. What is a good SEO score? You can take your site to a next level using good WordPress SEO plugin. See our guide 27 Best SEO Friendly WordPress Themes 2018. All these themes fully SEO optimized and well coded.

See our guide how to add breadcrumbs in WordPress using Yoast SEO. Sounds simple enough, but keep in mind NO other premium SEO plugins do this. Note: Inactive plugins and themes can create security vulnerabilities and can also affect your WordPress site performance. However, all WordPress’s themes come with responsive design. However, sitemap does not improve your search ranking, but it allows search engines to better crawl your website. If you do not optimize your content properly, your article will not appear in the search result. Reading. Select For each article in a feed, show: Summary. You can easily fix broken links from your site using the Broken Link Checker plugin. External links make your content more useful. To make your content shareable, add social share button below your content. In fact, you should only add relevant and optimized ones. This plugin will allow you to give “link love” (via a followed link) to sites in your Blogroll from the homepage of your blog, which is most likely the strongest page anyway in terms of SEO link juice.